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Bromley Park Care Home join The Project Echo Network

Bromley Park Care Home will be one of the first care homes in the South East to take part in Project Echo – a worldwide webinar training format, run through St Christopher’s Hospice.

What is ECHO?

Project Echo literally means ‘Extension of Community Healthcare Outcomes’. It is a not for profit movement for community based primary care teams – helping to help improve care, decision making and collaborative problem solving among the care community. Emphasis is placed on working together for learning and support. Project ECHO is a lifelong learning and guided practice model that revolutionises medical education and clinical team support.

The model

Members of the Echo movement and their expert hub team use technology to share scarce resources and best practises among its members, as well as case-based learning and a web-based system to easily monitor outcomes. Knowledge and resources are pooled together and shared through virtual drop-in sessions, online seminars and meetings, and surveys.

The curriculum

Project Echo offers learning and support in areas of care including nursing, palliative and dementia care. Network members are welcome to suggest curriculum topics and the Bromley Park team are looking forward to attending a special Dementia Community of Practice event on Wednesday 5 December 2018 at St Christopher’s Hospice, London.