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Bromley Park Care Home receives Commendation Certificate from The Mayor

Staff at Bromley Park Care Home were delighted to receive a special Commendation Certificate recently for their dedication to their residents during the Covid-19 lockdown.
The Mayor, residents and councillors of Bromley were keen to thank those working so hard to maintain essential services during these most challenging times.

The Home is going to get the certificate framed for each member of its staff, so everyone can feel proud of the part they are playing in this ongoing team effort.

The certificate reads;


On behalf of the residents and Councillors of the London Borough of Bromley I thank you and all your staff for your dedication in serving the community during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Your selflessness in putting yourselves at risk of infection to maintain the essential services is greatly appreciated.

Long after this emergency is over we hope you will look back with pride and satisfaction on your part in maintaining the vital fabric of our society.

Our heartfelt gratitude to you.

Cllr Nicholas Bennett MA JP
Mayor of Bromley
April 2020

Well done to the Bromley Park staff for such dedication and teamwork.