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Painting and board games at Bromley Park Care Home

We’ve had a ball these last few days here at Bromley Park Care Home. Gwen, Ken and Kathy have had fun painting with a variety of different colours; Gwen gave her colourful creation the name “The Blob”.

It was great fun for everyone involved. 

Gwen also enjoyed a game of checkers with Douglas. She also took the opportunity to water the garden in the Home.

Ann, Esmeralda, Joyce, Dorothy and Ken all participated in playing ball games with Douglas and Dorothy B enjoyed the baklava her daughter brought while reading her Hello magazine.


Gwen creating some colourful art with paint | Playing checkers | Watering the garden


Ken and Kath creating colourful paintings


Tony and Dorothy enjoying blueberries and Baclava snacks


Beach ball games in the conservatory