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World Cup Fever and Friendships at Bromley Park Care Home

Here at Bromley Park Care Home we’ve been getting ready for the World Cup! We’ve designed and displayed all 32 flags throughout our main lounge, along with our World Cup chart, so we can track the action all the way.

Our residents have also entered into a sweepstake and the winner will receive a special prize. All England games will be shown on our large projector, so we can all enjoy plenty of cheering throughout the tournament!

Also, with the recent nice weather, we’ve been out in our garden which has led to some beautiful displays of friendship. When one of our residents wasn’t able to explore the garden on her own, another resident made sure to stay with her the whole way round, with a helpful arm by the shoulder for balance and support. It’s a small thing, and very simple, but it shows that all the time at Bromley Park we’re there for each other.