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St Georges Day and a tea party at Bromley Park Care Home

St George’s Day

We started our celebrations of St George’s Day (Tuesday 23 April) at Bromley Park Care Home by learning some facts about St George himself.

We were surprised by some of the information, like the fact that St George wasn’t English. He was in fact born in Turkey and never even visited England!

We then played ‘Guess the UK Landmark‘ and our residents really enjoyed this. As we were discussing St George and England, we read out a few sonnets from Shakespeare, the talented English writer who happened to be born on the 23 April and also died on 23 April.

After this we played wheelchair jousting; our residents jousted the dragon and won certificates for defeating him as St George did! They also enjoyed watching our team members wheelchair jousting – lots of laughter was had all afternoon!

Celebrating tea!

We also couldn’t resist celebrating National Tea Day as our residents do love a nice cuppa!

We tried different flavours of tea and enjoyed smelling the different flavours too. Cakes, of course, were on hand as an accompaniment and everyone thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful English tradition.


National Tea Day at Bromley Park Care Home