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Bromley Park Care Home celebrates World Braille Day

We celebrated World Braille Day with a fun morning at Bromley Park Care Home.

Louis Braille was a French Educator who invented a tactile system of reading and writing for the blind and visually impaired in 1824. The system is called braille and consists of raised dot codes that are used worldwide to read and write until this day.

Resident Rita enjoyed making braille cards, with help from our team who cut the paper and drew the circles.

Rita copied the Braille alphabet and glued buttons on to make the letters. Colleagues from all our departments – Carers, Domestic and Kitchen teams – came to join in, finding the letters to spell their names and helping our residents spell theirs.

Our ladies and gents had fun finding their own letters to their names and feeling the braille cards.

A fascinating and inclusive morning for all our residents and team members.


World Braille Day at Bromley Park Care Home