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Fitness and fireworks at Bromley Park Care Home

Fun and fireworks

Our residents here at Bromley Park Care Home were super excited to watch the fireworks display last week and Louisa helped with the fireworks.

One of our residents was happy to have the best view of the display through the conservatory window. She was smiling and expressed that she loves the fireworks!

Afterwards, we had some delicious party food for our supper, with apples, marshmallows and melted chocolate for dessert. Rita, Brenda and Colin said they really enjoyed it, and we also had some family members join us too.

Exercise and wellness

Regardless of age, physical exercise is an important factor in our overall health and wellness. Here at Bromley Park, our Recreation and Well-Being Team lead a variety of gentle exercise sessions which can be adapted to suit everyone’s individual needs and abilities.

On Monday, some of our residents took part in an exercise class. Throughout the session, you could see the joy in their faces as they became more confident in throwing the rugby ball and doing their stretches, with lots of encouragement from our team members.

One of our residents who recently moved to Bromley Park wasn’t keen on this exercise session at first, and it’s wonderful to see how confident and engaged she is now.