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Relaxing Namaste at Bromley Park Care Home

Last week some of the team from Bromley Park Care Home went to visit Oatlands and Oatleigh Care Home to observe the Namaste sessions that they provide for their residents.  Our team spent some time with Rishi who explained the concept of the care they provide to their residents.
Joyce, Elizete and Louisa were really excited to see the Namaste at Oatlands and observe the positive impact that Namaste has on their residents. On Tuesday we trialled our first Namaste session, this was led by Joyce who was trained in Namaste care by St Christopher’s Hospice.

“Our Namaste care approach is used to connect with our residents by creating a calm environment and providing comfort through a meaningful sensory experience. We have tried different massage techniques for the ladies and gentleman, aromatherapy diffusers and gentle lighting and music.”

Our first session went better than we could have hoped for, the residents were really happy with the experience and we look forward to providing this on a more regular basis.