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Relaxing pastimes and joke telling at Bromley Park Care Home

We’ve had a busy week with our residents at Bromley Park Care Home.

Our weekly book club always goes down well. Our resident Janet really likes this; she loves reading and you can see just how happy she is with a book to enjoy.

Karaoke is always a favourite too. Colin particularly enjoys this and loves to sing into the microphone!

Our mindful colouring group and sensory afternoon offered some wonderful relaxation and some of our residents particularly loved our colourful fiddle blankets, which are full of fantastic colours and textures. We also enjoyed some seated ball gamesa little imagination and endless fun!

And we had a giggle telling jokes one afternoon. Hilda thoroughly enjoyed this and loved telling us her own jokes too. Great fun!


Karaoke, fiddle blanket and reading club at Bromley Park Care Home